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Canadian Data Center – 100% Canadian owned & operated

If you are concerned about data privacy laws, rest assured that Bold Beaver Communications, and our cloud hosting services at, are 100% Canadian owned and operated. Our sales and support team are located in Ottawa and our Canadian public cloud hosting platform is in a secure tier 3 datacenter facility in Toronto.

Local Data Encryption

Secures information with AES 256-bit encryption on your computer before transmission. Choose the level of encryption that provides the kind of protection and access your organization requires.

Advanced Data De-Duplication

Block level data de-duplication means repeated information within a file, and across all files on a computer, is not unnecessarily backed up again.

Intuitive User Interface

An easy-to-use desktop that’s also easy on the eyes means end-users can restore their files without any training or assistance from IT. Highly flexible, fine-grained controls enable users to adjust backup settings.

Customizable Backup Sets

Different groups of files can be sent to different destinations with different backup settings, using backup sets. Users will have more choices about where and how backups take place.

User-Initiated Restores

Users can quickly restore files themselves without involving IT. Away from the office, users can use Web Restore or their mobile device to get files back.

Universal Networking

No matter where you bring your laptop, backups and restores can take place with whatever connection is available: wireless, wired or cellular.

Unlimited File Size

Some backup services limit the size of files you can back up. We have no restriction on file sizes. Users can back up files as large as they wish.

Continuous Data Protection

YSOS Cloud Backup can archive your changed files as often as every minute and continuously watches for changes to your data in real-time.


From $32/month

  Monthly Rate
Device License $7/computer
Cloud Storage $9/50GB Block

Our new Small Business plans start with device licenses for 2 computers and 100GB of data protection for $32/month.

Frequently Asked Questions


NO! All Canadian Cloud Backup plans include unlimited data transfer. So no matter how many times files are updated and backed up, or how many files are restored, you will not incur any extra charges for data traffic.

Each user can access their own backup data (and only their own data) to restore their files without needing to call IT support. They can do this via the web console, from the backup application on their PC, or with the mobile app.

If you need more central control, an authorized user from your organization can be assigned administrative access to manage all of your users and devices.

Yes! The Canadian cloud storage included in your package is, by default, shared between all licensed users in your organization. You can optionally apply quota limits to individual users.

Each user license supports up to four devices being backed up. These can be desktops, laptops or servers. In this scenario, choose the Canadian cloud storage package that is big enough to backup all of the files on each of the five devices, and then you will need to add one extra device license at $2.50 per month to securely backup all five of your devices.

Yes, a small backup agent (downloaded from our website) that runs in the background on each device you want to backup continuously monitors your file system for any changes in the files and folders that you choose to backup. At frequent intervals (the default is every 15 minutes, but can be as often as every minute) only the changed file blocks (not the whole file) are compressed, encrypted and sent to the cloud for storage.

This small background application can be throttled to limit the CPU and network usage while the user is present and active, so that it is virtually transparent to the user – it just works!

If your backups use more cloud storage than the amount assigned in your plan, we will add a small extra fee to your monthly invoice to cover the difference. The monthly rate for incremental Canadian cloud storage is $6 for each additional block of 25GB on Professional plans, $9 for each additional block of 50GB on a Small Business Plan or $16 per 100GB on an Enterprise plan.

For example, if you have a Small Business Plan and need to backup 200GB of data, the price would be $50/month ($32 for the base subscription plus $18 for the additional cloud storage).

If your usage continues to grow, you can always upgrade to a higher level plan at anytime. All mid-month upgrades will be prorated.

Billable storage is calculated as the larger of the total size of files selected for backup or the total backup archive size.

Authorized users can easily recover lost files themselves using one of three methods: desktop application, web console, or the available mobile apps for iOS and Android. Locating the desired file or entire backup set to restore is as simple as navigating file manager. Simply select the appropriate file(s) or folder(s) and choose the desired restore point version (defaults to the most recent). In the example below, an older version of the target file has been selected for restore using the desktop application.

screen shot of desktop application

Yes! The Canadian cloud backup web console lets you set common policies for what files to backup, what files should never be backed up, network bandwith limits, and data retention policies. These common settings can then be pushed out to all registered devices in your organization with the click of a button.

Yes! Organization level backup status summary reports are emailed to organization administrators. These can be automatically sent weekly, daily, just week-days, or only on demand. Optionally, individual users can receive similar reports showing only their own devices.

For each end-point device in the organization, the report shows:

  • the selected source data size and its incremental change since the last reporting period;
  • the total number of files selected and its incremental change since the last reporting period;
  • the percentage backed up;
  • and the length of time since the last backup was transmitted.
screen shot of email showing backup report

Yes! Being a cloud hosted service, all administration for your end-point devices and global policies can be easily managed from our web based administration console. The console gives you several ways to look at and manage your organization.

The fist pane displayed when you login to the web administration console, is the Dashboard. This gives you a quick bird’s eye view of the critical analytics metrics for your entire organization:

  • number of devices online and their aggregate inbound and outbound traffic rates;
  • total data stored, selected for storage, and waiting to be stored;
  • number of devices currently backing up;
  • average storage utilization per user;
  • number of restore operations, number files restored, size of data restored;
  • IP based geo-location map of active devices.

These same metrics can be seen at the sub-organization or group level by selecting the appropriate group in the Organizations list view.

We have very flexible backup schedule and retention policies. You can set nearly any backup interval and retention policy that you wish. Our default configuration suits most customers' needs and is as follows:

Backup frequency: Every 15 minutes
(only the blocks that have changed)

Restore point versions kept:

From last 7 days1 every 15 minutes
From last 90 days1 per day
From the last year1 per week
From previous years1 per month

Yes! For qualified IT support and consulting firms, we have a generous reseller program. Contact reseller support for more details.

Ask one of our Canadian cloud solutions advisors!