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Cloud Server Platform

Core Technology:  KVM Hypervisor, CloudLinux, ElasticStack Cloud Management

High availability with automatic failover

Our servers are clustered for redundancy, load balancing and automatic failover, and our Cloud Management Stack constantly monitors the status of all servers in the cloud, with automatic failover if a hypervisor becomes unavailable.

Failover is initiated in seconds if we receive no response from a hypervisor, and the virtual machines it hosts are automatically migrated to another suitable hypervisor in the cloud.

Virtual machine backups can also be automated, in addition to manual backup and restore functions.

Anti-spoofing, anti-sniffing firewalls.
Keeping more of the bad guys out!

We employ a multi-layered security approach. In addition to hypervisor security features, we implement both network level and OS level firewall technology to ensure that only authorized traffic is sent to/from virtual machines, keeping our customer's data and applications safer.

public cloud IaaS architecture diagram
shared hosting isolation illustration

Secure Client Isolation even in a shared hosting environment.

All tenants on the server are isolated from each other so if one goes down everyone else is still safe and stable. CloudLinux utilizes a kernel level technology to set resource limits per tenant. This ensures a tenant can never use more than the resources given to them. Therefore, your site cannot slow down the entire server, nor can any other websites on the server slow down the server.

Each user’s file system is also effectively isolated into its own environment preventing one user from seeing any other users or their files on the server. This creates a new level of security, making it much more difficult for hackers to attack, deface, or steal data from a shared hosting server.


Advanced Datacenter
SSAE, CSAE and PCI Certified

Our cloud stack is hosted in Peer 1's newest state of the art SSAE16 Type II, CSAE3416, and PCI certified Canadian datacenter in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This ensures safe, fast connectivity to your cloud servers or website via our 10Gbps FastFiber Network™ connections.

Redundant Servers
Say good-bye to downtime.

The main muscle in any cloud infrastructure is the Hypervisor Servers. Our high-end multi-processor servers, have redundancy built in at numerous levels, from server cooling to storage and power. This decreases the likelihood of full server failures and often allows us to maintain servers without downtime.

High Server Security
Protecting you at multiple layers.

Server security is one of the most important aspects of shared hosting. Our server administrators use two-factor physical authentications in order to access servers to avoid unauthorized logins. Also, all the management portals are protected using 2048 bit encryption.

Fault Tolerant Storage
No more downtime for drive replacements.

Our storage system offers redundancy that allows for simultaneous hard drive failures and drive replacement without shutting the server down. This means that we can see a disk failure, and replace the drive with zero downtime.

Redundant Network
Proven & Reliable Infrastructure Hardware.

PEER 1 Hosting’s 20 datacenters in North America and Europe are all linked together through a proprietary 10Gbps FastFiber Network™. It’s intelligent – recognizing potential traffic jams and latencies and helping our Network Operations Center (NOC) experts monitor and reroute data to optimal routes.

Green Web Hosting
Power Usage Effectiveness of 1.3 to 1.4

Built from the ground up with energy-efficient technology and green building practices, our datacenter infrastructure is designed to be extremely power efficient. This means that our datacenter is one of the greenest data centers in Canada.

Affordable Web Hosting
Best bang for your buck.

We understand the importance of affordability for our customers. During our past years in the industry, we have always aimed to provide you the highest level of service with the latest technologies at the lowest rate in the industry and we will continue to do so.

Instant Setup
Get started within minutes.

We mean it when we say, "Get started now!" Your account & domain name will be instantly setup after making your payment, you will be supplied with all the information you need instantly. You will receive an email including all the relevant information regarding your customer support center account and your access credentials for either cPanel (for shared cloud web hosting) or our CA-Cloud control portal (for hosted VPS or cloud servers).

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Top Tier, Secure Canadian Data Center

SSAE 16 and CSAE 3416 Certified

data center racks

Our Canadian owned and operated datacenter in Toronto, ON, Canada is SSAE (Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements) 16 Type II and CSAE (Canadian Standard on Assurance Engagements) 3416 certified. This means we have undertaken an independent and in-depth audit of our control activities, including management of technology and related hosting and network services provided to our customers.

Our Toronto datacenter has been developed in order to maintain the highest level of redundancy and efficiency for our customers. The entire datacenter infrastructure is Tier 3 compliant. The requirements for a Tier 3 datacenter require us to maintain a high level of redundancy on different aspects such as power, cooling and telecommunications. In order to maintain the Tier 3 compliancy, we also have numerous multi-layered security measures in place.

The datacenter features redundant 10MW main power supported by ten (10) 750kVA UPSs (N+1) and five (5) state-of-the-art 2MW diesel generators (n+1) and more than 5,276Kw (n+1) of air conditioning and a fully redundant and diversified internal datacenter network with Juniper carrier-grade equipment.

We take physical security as seriously as network security. Our datacenter has extensive security systems with CCTV video surveillance (stored for 90 days), controlled access supported by proximity access cards, single person verified ManTrap and 24×7 on-site security guards.

Our advanced datacenter allows us to roll out the latest technologies as they are released. The large and sophisticated infrastructure allows for future growth while leaving a big overhead for large usage spikes. The entire datacenter is built from the ground up with a Green Strategy that makes us one of the greenest data centers in Canada.

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Advanced Redundant 10Gbps Network

Powered by Juniper, the network in our secure Canadian datacenter has one of the most sophisticated and scalable networks capable of handling any sized client. We have carefully ensured that the necessary infrastructure is in place to comfortably support any of our clients’ Internet connection requirements — present or future!

  • Access to multiple communications providers
  • Multiple access building entry points fordiverse routing
  • Complete Juniper solution with carrier-grade MX routers at the distribution – high packet processing capability, huge ACL and rate limiting, QOS/COS capability, IPv6 and MPLS, scalable
  • Fully redundant switching architecture for true Non Stop Routing (NSR) and In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU)
  • Uses Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) for interoperability with other routing vendors
  • Juniper EX series switches with Virtual Chassis design – simplifi ed network design, scalability, reliance and redundancy, robust power supply, massive capacity, auto reconfi guration, on board automation, facility to tier up without recabling

The level of flexibility and upgradeability in our network design are the key advantages of our network versus other providers. Considering the numerous telecommunications service providers housed in our facilities, we have the flexibility to provide you with a variety of redundant connections at highly competitive rates.

Furthermore, our infrastructure is at the forefront of telecommunications technology and thus will be capable of fully supporting our scalable cloud server platform through the years to come as connectivity standards increase and the need to upgrade arises.

You can be assured that by placing your server on our network, you will not see any high latency issues or downtime, and if you ever do, you can be assured that we’re taking the necessary steps to mitigate and solve the problem before you know it.

data center switches

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Green Hosting

environmentally friendly

Green Strategy

  • Datacenter designed at full load to have a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.3 to 1.4
  • Well water to reduce demand on the city water system
  • Brand new eco-friendly Cool Roof
  • High efficiency cooling system designed to utilize free cooling throughout cooler months
  • Designed with highly efficient power and mechanical systems
  • Utilizing new highly efficient Emerson Liebert CRAC units with EC plug fans
  • Green initiative to encourage responsible energy use to maximize PUE
  • Green Grid member

Smarter Green Facility

Our scalable cloud server platform is hosted in one of the greenest datacenters in Canada. Realizing a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) between 1.3 and 1.4, our Toronto Pullman Datacenter has been engineered to lessen its impact on the power grid. We drilled a well on-site to create independence from local water systems and to provide a redundant make-up water supply. The chiller plant has been optimized with heat exchangers to enable the isolation of the chillers in cooler months. This provides the ability to reject the heat load on the chilled water loop through our heat exchangers tied to our condenser side water loop, all utilizing the outdoor air temperature and maintaining our green initiative. Likewise, a white-membrane roof reflects heat away from the facility to also lessen energy consumption for facility cooling.

High Efficiency Equipment

However, this does not stop us from further reducing our electrical usage. Our top-end Dell hardware allows us to control the power utilization of our servers without a performance loss. This allows us to use much less power at idle and off-peak hours of usage.

For example, our servers’ fans are slowed down when the server is not under load and the processors’ frequency is tuned down in order to minimize heat output. The servers automatically turn up fan speeds and processor speed when they detect upcoming load.

Our carbon footprint decrease does not stop there; we are also proactively taking measures to reduce electricity usage in our offices. Instead of power hungry workstations, we utilize Apple MacBook Pro laptops. If the MacBook is charging (which is rare) and the screen is at full brightness runs at a maximum of 85 watts. The typical computer uses from 300 to 500 watt power supply.